Since 1996, over 150 AAPI women have graduated from the APAWLI Program. These #APAWLI fellows have gone on to make a significant impact in their communities, within their professions, and across the country. In May 2017, The Center conducted a survey to find out where these fellows are today, and how the APAWLI Program shaped their experiences and opened up leadership opportunities.  


  • 84% of respondents indicated that the APAWLI Program was either effective/extremely effective in connecting them to a network of other AAPI women leaders from across the country.
  • 83% noted that the Program was effective/extremely effective in providing them with emotional, spiritual, and physical guidance.

  • Over half indicated that the Program helped them to take on leadership roles within the community.

  • Approximately 44% noted that APAWLI helped them to transition to a different occupation, industry, or career.

  • Over 1/3 noted that the Program helped them obtain leadership positions within their profession.

  • And, approximately 90% of respondents noted that their learning projects provided personal growth and meaning.

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