CAPAW'S Inspired


I was checking my mail and saw a check and letter from Shearman & Sterling in New York that read, “This donation is being made by Shearman & Sterling and its employees. Your organization was chosen to be the recipient of a monthly charitable contribution program at the firm.” Signed, Meg Ferreira, Manager of Conference & Administrative Services. I then called Meg to thank her and the firm for their gift and learned more about how they found CAPAW and why they decided to donate to us.

“Each month,” Meg explained, “the firm’s New York office raises money for charitable donations through their $5.00 Jeans Day program. By donating $5.00, employees are allowed to wear jeans to work on Fridays during the month, and the money is given to a designated charity. As May was Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, our Asian inclusion network, Avalanche, was provided with three charitable organizations to which the firm could donate money through our Jeans Day program. CAPAW was selected to receive this donation because of their commitment to enhance and improve the leadership skills for Asian American and Pacific Islander women.”

I am touched by the donation and the way in which the culture of giving is ingrained within the firm. Employees are engaged with their community and are supported and empowered by the firm. Through a collective effort and with their voices, they are making a positive difference.

Thank you so much, Shearman & Sterling, for supporting CAPAW and other charitable organizations!