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Fifteen Years Supporting the Greater Asian and Pacific Islander American Community

Dear Friends, Associates, and Colleagues:

For nearly six years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving the greater Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities throughout our vast country.  I also feel a great deal of pride for being a Walmart leader of APIA heritage.

Fifteen years ago, Walmart made a commitment to be a real and shining example of what an international retailer should do to advance the growing number Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) in the U.S.  No other national retailer has consistently supported the AAPI community each and every year.

Walmart could not have accomplished so much without the support of our friends, associates, and colleagues like you.  Each one of you has played an essential and critical role in building the Walmart of today.  Therefore, Walmart and I are dedicating our commemoration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to you.

I also want to take a moment to share some exciting news from Walmart.  At Walmart, we are committed to being actively engaged with our customers, associates, and community friends throughout the world.  I want you to know that we have embraced many of the wonderful ideas you have sent our way.  Let me share a few examples of what we are doing.

Sustainability and the Environment

Our friends in the APIA communities have expressed their concerns over the importance of reducing plastic bags and containers.  Many of these plastic bags are polluting our highways and waterways, creating an environmental hazard for every living thing on our planet.  Walmart is doing its part to reduce the number of plastic bags that are used in our U.S. stores by offering our customers an inexpensive alternative.  The next time you visit a Walmart, please look for our reusable shopping bags for just .98 cents each!  But that’s not all. 

Walmart is also setting up charging stations at select Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs for the growing number of electric vehicles in our communities.  Walmart is also finding new ways to generate and store solar power for our stores, distribution centers, and offices.  And, we’re working closely with our suppliers and associates to source new, sustainable fabrics that are natural and more durable.

Empowering Our Women Associates

In March, the women of Walmart participated in a variety of conferences, meetings, classroom visits, and symposia in commemoration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s day. Their conversations covered an array of issues relevant to women of today, including professional development within the retail arena; advancing opportunities for women and girls with STEM-related

fields, and, empowering women to take control over their health and well-being.  Furthermore, we shared the stories of women-led companies and brands that now have their products in Walmart stores throughout the country.

I had a chance to participate in several programs that featured the women of Walmart, including an APIA Executive Women’s Forum at the headquarters of Visa International that featured Walmart APIA Executive, Ms. Bobbie Grafeld, VP of Human Resources at Walmart Labs, and a regional conference of women leaders in Denver convened by the Center for Asian Pacific Women (CAPAW) that addressed everything from guiding women in reshaping their career paths to creating national and regional support networks for APIA women.

NextGen APIA Leaders

Walmart is working closely with young APIA entrepreneurs and small-business owners to provide them with the skills they need to promote their products and services, establish regional and national networks, and secure mentors to guide them in scaling their businesses. We believe these young entrepreneurs will soon be in a position to offer their goods and services to its stores and to other retailers throughout the country.

I hope you will continue to support and guide Walmart and me in the months and years ahead.  Together, we are making significant strides to advance APIAs throughout the U.S.

Thank you!

Joanne Tabellija-Murphy  
Walmart | Constituent Relations, Public Affairs

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