Meet Laura Cansicio, APAWLI Fellow 2018


Laura Cansicio grew up in San Diego and credits her sunny outlook in life as a result of amazing weather and an abundance of great Filipino and Mexican cuisine. A single mom, Laura was hesitant to break the norm and follow her passion to start a solo fundraising practice until she found strength, courage and connectivity in the 2018 APAWLI Fellows program. Last year she launched Verdant Industries LLC to catapult women-led, women-centered organizations to the next level of influence, impact and diverse revenue. Her goal is to help non-profits raise diverse revenue and connect more deeply with corporations, foundations, and major donors.

She brings 12+ years of fundraising experience and a verdant mindset to the table. Where there is an important cause, she believes there is an abundance of ways to gain funding, in-kind assistance and exposure. She loves to help organizations define their value proposition and prioritize their goals.

Laura lives in Atlanta and is on a mission to teach her son to live fully, travel far, and be resilient. She’s lived in Bangkok, Cairo, NYC, Washington D.C., and Durham. Her professional experience includes serving as a Field Deputy to a member of Congress in Los Angeles focused on Asian Pacific American communities, as a Foreign Service Officer, and as a Director at both Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and at CARE USA where her favorite project was managing funding for a program to help prevent child marriage in rural Ethiopia.

She has an MPA from Columbia University and a BA from Mount St. Mary's College. Her 2019 travel list includes the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Barcelona, and meeting up with her APAWLI sisters in Miami and Albuquerque.

As a member of the APAWLI community, you will find a warm welcome from Laura should you need fundraising assistance or advice. She can be reached at and her website is

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