Dear APAWLI Alumni,                                                                                    

Greetings! This is the first newsletter I’m sending out but the name is still CONNECTIONS

It’s already been 3 months since I started as the interim Executive Director for CAPAW.

I can say it’s been exciting, exhausting, invigorating all at the same time. I spent time building relationships with Board members, connected with APAWLI sisters and reached out to potential funders. Houston, Washington D.C., Denver and Charlotte were some of the places I had a chance to spend some time, and this is just a start. I will continue to reach out to more people. It has been wonderful connecting with APAWLI sisters and others who were interested in the APAWLI program and our organization. There were phenomenal women from oil companies, banks and non-profit organizations and they provided feedback. Here are a few examples:

  • One person said to me, “I was told by my boss I do not possess any leadership skills.” Seriously, none what-so-ever? It broke my heart to hear that.
  • Two individuals shared similar feedback, “My boss said I needed to work on my communication skills, but it wasn’t because of my accent. But I was never told what I needed to work on.”
  • “We have Employee Resources Groups but we don’t necessarily have sponsors. We need to understand more about personal branding.”
  • “I don’t think I can get the financial support from my company to attend the program.”
  • “I have never heard of Executive Presence. What is it? How do I learn about it?”

I felt disappointed and grateful at the same time for the opportunity to hear honest feedback. I also feel a deep sense of responsibility and conviction that we can help people. By the way, I also heard positive stories where support was demonstrated for women to move up in the organization. What is evident is that there is still a strong need for our organization and what we have to offer. 

My focus is to communicate the mission and vision of CAPAW out to individuals, organizations and our community. The impact of the program was very impactful for me personally and I know it was for many, if not all of you. My goals are to:

  1. Support our three programs we offer: APAWLI Program, Regionals, Summits
  2. Engage volunteers to help with their time, talent and resources for our programs
  3. Grow our resources/funding so we can develop more women

What are we working on?

1. APAWLI Fellows, where are you?

Prior to September 30, you will be receiving a request through Survey Monkey to refresh your contact information, your current role along with additional questions to help us update our database (This is new!). This information is important to:

  • Build-in a directory of APAWLI fellows on the website
  • Leverage to form an APAWLI mentoring program in 2019
  • Create a calendar of events for the year, where you will receive various newsletters & invitations to events.

How you can contribute: These were ideas from APAWLI fellows, so keep the feedback coming. It makes a positive difference.

2. CAPAW’s 25 Year Anniversary

Did you know that APAWLI (name changed to CAPAW in 2006) was incorporated in Denver, CO on May 31, 1995? That means 2020 is CAPAW’s 25 year anniversary. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Look what passions of a few women could do and how they transformed lives over so many years. Yes, it’s truly inspiring. Imagine APAWLI sisters connecting from all classes attending this event spanning 25 years. Can you visualize it?

How you can contribute: I invite you to create our 25 year anniversary experience together. We need you! Our goal is to establish the steering committee in September and start looking forward with venue and theme. Our founder Martha Lee has already volunteered along with several APAWLI sisters in Denver to work on the special convention.

Please submit your name to Sue Ann Hong at if you are interested in serving on a committee. More information will follow once the steering committee members have been confirmed.

3. Website Refresh

Yes, it’s true. Mandy Kao of Titan Management (Houston, TX) has graciously volunteered 10 hours of their firm’s time to refresh the website. The goal is to launch the new website in time for the new year. THANK YOU Mandy!

How you can contribute: If you have photos, videos, please let me know. We may be able to use it for the website. Note: We will need to have individuals sign a photo waiver.

4. APAWLI Fellows Program

The 2019 application for the APAWLI program will open on 10/1/2018. The refreshed program will be in April, June and September. More to come.

How you can contribute: If you know of potential APAWLI candidates, I would appreciate you forwarding their names to me. I will reach out to them to start the dialogue.

What’s coming?

Denver Reception 10/26/18 - We are introducing our organization to the Denver community. Though we were incorporated in Denver, this is the first time our organization is making ourselves known in Denver. Martha Lee and APAWLI sisters Ding Hsu, DJ Ida, and Yem Fong are assisting. Ramona Chun is a strong supporter of CAPAW and is helping us to ensure we have a successful event. Several community partners are providing support including the Asian Chamber of Commerce, Sakura Square LLC, and CU-Denver. All one-hundred tickets were spoken for as of 8/29. Thank you to the Denver community for the great response and look forward to a wonderful event. We appreciate Comcast/NBC Universal for being the main sponsor for this reception.

Board Meeting 10/27/2018 – This is the first face-to-face Board meeting since I have been on board. We will discuss and finalize our 2019 strategic plan. We should also have our programming schedule ready to go.

That’s all for the first newsletter. Please let me know if you have thoughts, ideas or just want to have CONNECTIONs.

Keep breathing from the HARA. Maybe a refresher is needed? Something to think about for 2020 convention.

Sue Ann Hong
Executive Director, CAPAW
Phone: 309-287-6240

Our top Sponsors are:

  • State Farm Insurance Companies
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Comcast/NBC Universal
  • Cole Chemical
  • Walmart

Key Volunteers: