ACTION: 2018 Yearend Giving

November 8, 2018
Dear Fellows, Sisters, Friends, CAPAW Family,                                         
Over 23 years ago, Asian Pacific American (APA) women responded to a bold request from our founder to open their pocket books and give one-hundred each to build a unified APA sisterhood. The vision was to create a bold leadership program for women in the community and lift our unified voices in strength. That financial foundation and their collective basket of savvy and skill helped establish CAPAW as an organization specifically and globally focused on APA women leadership. The result is 157 Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute (APAWLI) Fellows who are part of that network of sisterhood along with a growing number of supporters for CAPAW.
Today, we honor the spirit of our Founding Sisters and proudly enter 2019 ready to embark on bold enhancements to our training, mentorship, and speaker programs. With a unified commitment, including a dedicated Board and a legion of volunteers and supporters, we are continuing to build CAPAW. This includes building a national database and hosting regional conferences among other convenings. Most importantly, we are helping to transform remarkable women into whole person leaders who will be pioneering change in their communities and representing us. 

  • We ask you to consider a year-end, tax deductible gift to CAPAW via online at to help us reach new heights.

  • Please share this information with others who may be supportive and may be inspired to give.

You provide the means to recruit Fellows, support new research, and explore new leadership initiatives with recognized leaders and practitioners. In addition, your gift to a particular scholarship or your creation of a scholarship helps make financial assistance possible for APAWLI Fellows. Thank you in advance for your interest and generous support for CAPAW. Please send any questions to
We ask for your help as we continue to move CAPAW into the future!
Warm Regards,
Sue Ann Hong, Interim Executive Director
Joan Yoshitomi, Executive Council
Leslie Moe-Kaiser, Executive Council
Phyllis Kim, Executive Council

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